Nisse Lüneburg und Luca Toni gewannen in Münster die Qualifikation zur BEMER Riders Tour. Der Derbysieger ist auch bei der OWL Challenge in Paderborn dabei. (Foto: Stefan Lafrentz)
Treffpunkt für Teilnehmer aus 14 Nationen: die fünfte Etappe der BEMER Riders Tour in Paderborn. (Foto: Thomas Hellmann)
Charlotte Bettendorf und Bellefleur haben mit dem Sieg im Eröffnungsspringen der fünften Etappe der BEMER Riders Tour in Paderborn bereits Zeichen gesetzt. (Foto: Stefan Lafrentz)
Waren unschlagbar in der Qualifikation zur BEMER Riders Tour: Finja Bormann und A Crazy Son Of Lavina. (Foto: Stefan Lafrentz)
Zweiter Toursieg für Nisse Lüneburg. In Paderborn gewann der Springreiter mit Luca Toni die BEMER Riders Tour-Wertungsprüfung. Zuvor war er mit Cordillo in Hamburg erfolgreich. (Foto: Stefan Lafrentz)
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Breakthrough – Gilbert Boeckmann wins the RIDERS TOUR in Munster

(Munster)   Now he definitely wants more points: „I have Paderborn on my schedule, also Hanover and Munich, and then the mare will have a nice long rest,” said Gilbert Boeckmann. A clear pro RIDERS TOUR from the winner of the third stage in Munster. Boeckmann won with an equally fast and sovereign round in the BMW Hakvoort Trophy, the third stage of the international RIDERS TOUR in Munster by the Turnier der Sieger. His partner in this success was the bay mare with the name No Father’s Girl. And that is no accident, because it is fact that nobody knows which stallion is responsible for the talented nine year old mare. “The mother is a Zeus-Goldlack daughter who was active in the sport – you know what you have then,” said Gilbert Boeckmann, who already competed No Father’s Girl successfully in the Youngster Tour. Both rounds of the RIDERS TOUR competition were completed with “Aahs“ and „Oohs“ from the spectators. Light is not the rating that would appropriately describe the competition. Time and again favourites left the competition ring in front of the Munster Castle with faults and from the 10 candidates who started in the second round there were only four pairs who completed the course fault free. “Simply great sport in a great atmosphere”, congratulated Andreas Winterberg, the Cologne branch manager of the RIDERS TOUR partner LGT – Bank of the Liechtenstein Royal House. Boeckmann’s time of 40.04 seconds proved to be unbeatable, even when the professional rider had reason to be nervous for a while. Thomas Fruehmann (AUT), winner of the RIDERS TOUR 2006, started into the second round with no faults as well as RIDER of the YEAR 2008 Carsten-Otto Nagel (GER) with Lex Lugar. Marcus Ehning (GER), the leader of the world rankings, didn’t risk everything with Sandro Boy and team world champion Jeroen Bubbeldam (NED) missed Boeckmann’s best mark with BMC Van Grunsven Simon. The victory of the experienced rider from Lower Saxony affected the rankings, while Boeckmann and Wiesbaden winner Marcus Ehning now share the lead with 33 points. Derby winner Thomas Kleis (GER) is now in third place and Jeroen Dubbeldam has moved up to fourth place. But he has company because both Matthias Granzow and Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum are also in fourth place. The Swiss rider Beat Maendli – for the first time in Munster – was happy with his third place finish because it has also boosted him into the Top Ten of the RIDERS TOUR – seventh place with 15 points. Results of the 3rd Stage of the RIDERS TOUR in Munster: 1. Gilbert Boeckmann (GER) with No Father`s Girl 0 Faults/ 40.04 Seconds, 2. Jeroen Dubbeldam (NED) with BMC Van Grunsven Simon 0/ 40.78, 3. Beat Maendli (SUI) with Louis IV 0/ 41.73, 4. Marcus Ehning (GER) with Sandro Boy 0/ 44.23, 5. Thomas Frühmann (AUT) with The Sixth Sense 4/ 40.13, 6. Janne Friederike Meyer (GER) with Cellagon Lambrasco 4/ 42.18. RIDERS TOUR Rankings after 3 of 6 Stages: 1. Gilbert Boeckmann and Marcus Ehning, 33 Points 3. Thomas Kleis (GER), 20 Points 4. Jeroen Dubbeldam, Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum und Matthias Granzow, 17 Points 7. Beat Maendli, Andre Thieme (GER), Julia Kayser (AUT), 15 Points 10. Christian Ahlmann (GER), Hendrik Sosath (GER),  13 Points 12.  Gilbert Tillmann (GER), Markus Renzel (GER), Thomas Frühmann, 11 Points 15. Stefan Eder (AUT) and Janne Friederike Meyer (GER), 10 Points RIDERS TOUR in Internet –

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