Bejubelt: Sandra Auffarth und ihre Stute Nupafeed`s La Vista, die auf Platz zwei sprangen. (Foto: Stefan Lafrentz)
Shane Breen und Can Ya Makan sind die Sieger der zweiten Qualifikation zur BEMER Riders Tour in Hamburg. (Foto: Stefan Lafrentz)
Paul Schockemöhle, Springsportlegende und Begründer der BEMER Riders Tour mit jugendlichen Fans. (Foto: Stefan Lafrentz)
Tour-Chef Paul Schockemöhle, Sieger Nisse Lüneburg mit Cordillo und Bernhard Bock (BEMER Int.AG) bei der dritten Etappe der BEMER Riders Tour in Hamburg. (Foto: Stefan Lafrentz)
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Champion Fruehmann – Completely Concentrated on the RIDERS TOUR in Paderborn

(Paderborn)  14 days ago in Munster he already managed to do it. It was there that the Austrian rider Thomas Fruehmann won the qualification for the RIDERS TOUR competition. He was able to repeat the lucky performance in the Championat of Paderborn with The Sixth Sense. With this success the first section of this weekend’s work is complete and now the concentration moves on to the E.ON Westphalia Weser Grand Prix, because that’s where he can earn RIDERS TOUR points and on top of that there is the creditable prize money of 80,000 Euros. The results of the qualification for the fourth stage of the international show jumping series read like a who’s who of the rider scene: The past World Cup Finals winner and RIDERS TOUR winner Thomas Fruehmann was followed by Olympic Silver medallist Rolf-Goeran Bengtsson (SWE) in second place with Casall La Silla in front of Austria’s Hugo Simon with Ukinda. They were followed by Belgium’s leading lady rider Judy-Ann Melchior and the best German was found in sixth place. He has already won the RIDERS TOUR three times which is more often than any other international star – Ludger Beerbaum from Riesenbeck. Beerbaum performed two perfect rounds with the eight year old Goldfever daughter Gotha. In Sunday’s Grand Prix it will come to a countdown between Marcus Ehning (GER) and Gilbert Boeckmann (GER) while both riders are tied for first place in the RIDERS TOUR rankings with 33 points. Ehning rode his stallion For Germany RD in the qualification but on Sunday afternoon he will be saddling his Bavarian bred mare Nolte’s Kuchengirl. Boeckmann sat in the saddle of HGF Can Fly for the Championat, the 12 year old Cordalme son, but will be bringing No father’s girl, the 9 year old mare who brought her rider the victory in Munster by the Turnier der Sieger, to the start Sunday. Short and good – it can be extremely exciting in Paderborn…. Results of the Championat of Paderborn, Qualification for RIDERS TOUR competition: 1. Thomas Fruehmann (AUT) with The Sixth Sense 0 Faults/ 39.64 Seconds, 2. Rolf-Goeran Bengtsson (SWE) with Casall La Silla  0/ 40.64, 3. Hugo Simon (AUT) with Ukinda 0/ 40.71, 4. Judy-Ann Melchior (BEL) with Levisto Z 0/ 41.35, 5. Santiago Lambre (MEX) with Atrap 0/ 42.13, 6. Ludger Beerbaum (GER) with Gotha 0/ 42.48  

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