Nisse Lüneburg und Luca Toni gewannen in Münster die Qualifikation zur BEMER Riders Tour. Der Derbysieger ist auch bei der OWL Challenge in Paderborn dabei. (Foto: Stefan Lafrentz)
Treffpunkt für Teilnehmer aus 14 Nationen: die fünfte Etappe der BEMER Riders Tour in Paderborn. (Foto: Thomas Hellmann)
Charlotte Bettendorf und Bellefleur haben mit dem Sieg im Eröffnungsspringen der fünften Etappe der BEMER Riders Tour in Paderborn bereits Zeichen gesetzt. (Foto: Stefan Lafrentz)
Waren unschlagbar in der Qualifikation zur BEMER Riders Tour: Finja Bormann und A Crazy Son Of Lavina. (Foto: Stefan Lafrentz)
Zweiter Toursieg für Nisse Lüneburg. In Paderborn gewann der Springreiter mit Luca Toni die BEMER Riders Tour-Wertungsprüfung. Zuvor war er mit Cordillo in Hamburg erfolgreich. (Foto: Stefan Lafrentz)
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BEMER Riders Tour Videos

He Seized the Chance – Ludger Beerbaum wins RIDERS TOUR for the fourth time

(Munich) “I have it!” The smile kept growing and never left his face. Ludger Beerbaum (GER) has won the RIDERS TOUR for the fourth time. The third place in the Grand Prix of Munich with Coupe de Coeur was enough for the 46 year old four-time Olympic champion to jump from third to first place to end the season on a reconciliatory note. The delight over the victory was obvious: “I think that nobody had reckoned with me so I had less pressure on me than for example Gilli.” Also important was the commitment of Coupe de Coeur who had severely injured himself in Balve by the German national championships but was fresh and motivated in Munich. “Gilli” is Gilbert Boeckmann from Lastrup, Germany, the leading rider in the rankings going into the sixth and final stage of the RIDERS TOUR in Munich. The 49 year old professional jumped his way fault free into the second round, but missed out on a better placing when No father’s girl incurred two poles in the second round which landed him in third place in the RIDERS TOUR behind Marcus Ehning. “I’m happy,” said the rider from Lower Saxony, “My horse is returning to her stall in good health and when anybody had said to me in January that I would have such a great season  I would have told them they were crazy.” The unlucky fellow of the day was Christian Ahlmann (GER), in second place in the RIDERS TOUR standings before Munich, who incurred a stop and resulting faults with Taloubet Z which left him out of the second round and watching his colleagues from ringside…. Marcus Ehning was also happy with himself and the world because his second place finish in the Grand Prix of Munich catapulted him from fourth to second place in the overall rankings, and the winner of the Championat of Munich and the Gold Cup received a brand new VW Passat. “This is great; the baby carriage wouldn’t have fit so well in Ludger’s auto.” Ludger Beerbaum received a VW Tiguan and immediately stepped on the gas pedal while Gilbert Boeckmann was able to celebrate over a new sporty VW Golf. The show organiser was chased out of the hall before the three popular riders sped through the hall with 400 horse power under the hood. Volker Wulff had to show true sprinter talent…. Klaus Roeser (GER) from the RIDERS TOUR GmbH underscored that the RIDERS TOUR 2010 will be entering the new season without the series partner LGT, but with the 6 stage concept and familiar mode. The LGT Bank has been a reliable RIDERS TOUR partner for the past four years and will be a main and co-sponsor by the three events in Hamburg, Hanover and Munich in the coming year. Prince Phillipp of Liechtenstein underscored the trusted co-operation and the value of the Tour commitment. The tour organizers are not expecting changes to take place in the locations but a possible date change in August due to the WEG Kentucky (USA). Results – Grand Prix of Munich, 6th Stage of the RIDERS TOUR: 1. Pius Schwizer (SUI) with Ulysse 0 Faults/ 34.39 Seconds; 2. Marcus Ehning (GER) with Sandro Boy 0/ 34.93; 3. Ludger Beerbaum (GER) with  Coupe de Coeur  0/ 36.56; 4. Daniel Zetterman (SWE) with Glory Days 0/ 42.68; 5. Max Kuehner (GER) with Acantus GK 0/ 45.14; 6. Lars Nieberg (GER) with Levito 4/ 35.73. Final Standings RIDERS TOUR 2009 after 6 Stages: 1. Ludger Beerbaum (GER), 51 Points 2. Marcus Ehning (GER), 50 3. Gilbert Boeckmann (GER), 48 4. Christian Ahlmann (GER), 37 5. Marco Kutscher (GER), 33 6. Lars Nieberg (GER), 31 7. Rolf-Göran Bengtsson (SWE), 30 8. Pius Schwizer (SUI), 29 9. Beat Maendli (SUI), 25 10. Julia Kayser (AUT), 22 RIDERS TOUR in Internet –

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