Nisse Lüneburg und Luca Toni gewannen in Münster die Qualifikation zur BEMER Riders Tour. Der Derbysieger ist auch bei der OWL Challenge in Paderborn dabei. (Foto: Stefan Lafrentz)
Treffpunkt für Teilnehmer aus 14 Nationen: die fünfte Etappe der BEMER Riders Tour in Paderborn. (Foto: Thomas Hellmann)
Charlotte Bettendorf und Bellefleur haben mit dem Sieg im Eröffnungsspringen der fünften Etappe der BEMER Riders Tour in Paderborn bereits Zeichen gesetzt. (Foto: Stefan Lafrentz)
Waren unschlagbar in der Qualifikation zur BEMER Riders Tour: Finja Bormann und A Crazy Son Of Lavina. (Foto: Stefan Lafrentz)
Zweiter Toursieg für Nisse Lüneburg. In Paderborn gewann der Springreiter mit Luca Toni die BEMER Riders Tour-Wertungsprüfung. Zuvor war er mit Cordillo in Hamburg erfolgreich. (Foto: Stefan Lafrentz)
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Deutsche Kreditbank AG (DKB), new title sponsor – the most important German show jumping series is now called „DKB-Riders Tour“

(Mühlen) The new year begins with a new title sponsor for the RIDERS TOUR. The Deutsche Kreditbank AG (DKB), particularly strong as a direct bank for private customers, is the new partner of the major equestrian series in Germany. Thus, the Deutsche Kreditbank AG (DKB) continues its successful commitment in equestrian sport, which recently included sponsorships of all RIDERS TOUR events and a number of international jumping competitions. In Germany the RIDERS TOUR is the most dominant series in show jumping. Starting at the German Jumping and Dressage Derby in Hamburg there are six stages until the final in Munich's Olympiahalle in November for the title of the "Rider of the Year". The RIDERS TOUR started in 2001 and since then has established  internationally as a magnet for the best show jumpers in the world. DKB is based in Berlin and was founded in 1990. It is particularly known as an Internet bank for private clients. More than 1.8 million private customers trust their banking operations to DKB. Here the multiple test winner, the DKB-Cash is especially convincing. The bank also offers selected industries, such as the housing industry or agriculture, tailored investment products, accounts and individual financing solutions to the individual requirements of their business. These customers are advised by DKB individually, with specialists from each sector. With its new partner, the RIDERS TOUR is now the "DKB-Riders Tour“. Other priorities of the partnership are the branding of the overall appearance of the "DKB-Riders Tour" with the involvement of the new partner and the establishment of a DKB-Public-Lounge at all six stages, where the visitors can experience the show jumping competitions from an excellent view. "As the DKB-Riders Tour is already an established brand in the world of sporting events and the eyes of the audience, we are focusing on a strong brand - equestrian sport shows strong emotions and is very successful in Germany," said Stefan Unterlandstättner, from the management of DKB. The RIDERS TOUR is looking forward to the new partner: "The DKB is not new in equestrian sports, the company has proven to be a reliable partner, one with whom it is possible to develop new ideas for the sport and the RIDERS TOUR," explains Volker Wulff from the agency EN GARDE Marketing GmbH, which will accompany the DKB not only, as in the past, with their riding commitments, but also in terms of the DKB-Riders Tour. "For the RIDERS TOUR it is important that we start into the new season with new impulse and a strong partner on our side," said Paul Schockemöhle. For the time being the agreement between the DKB and the RIDERS TOUR was concluded for the years 2010 and 2011. DKB-Riders Tour im Internet –

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