Nisse Lüneburg und Luca Toni gewannen in Münster die Qualifikation zur BEMER Riders Tour. Der Derbysieger ist auch bei der OWL Challenge in Paderborn dabei. (Foto: Stefan Lafrentz)
Treffpunkt für Teilnehmer aus 14 Nationen: die fünfte Etappe der BEMER Riders Tour in Paderborn. (Foto: Thomas Hellmann)
Charlotte Bettendorf und Bellefleur haben mit dem Sieg im Eröffnungsspringen der fünften Etappe der BEMER Riders Tour in Paderborn bereits Zeichen gesetzt. (Foto: Stefan Lafrentz)
Waren unschlagbar in der Qualifikation zur BEMER Riders Tour: Finja Bormann und A Crazy Son Of Lavina. (Foto: Stefan Lafrentz)
Zweiter Toursieg für Nisse Lüneburg. In Paderborn gewann der Springreiter mit Luca Toni die BEMER Riders Tour-Wertungsprüfung. Zuvor war er mit Cordillo in Hamburg erfolgreich. (Foto: Stefan Lafrentz)
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DKB-Riders Tour: Denis Lynch hurries on in Balve

(Balve)  The third stage of the DKB-Riders Tour in Balve ended with a win for the Dutch Team World Champion Albert Zoer and a “small” triumph for the Irish rider Denis Lynch. Zoer produced not only a speedy but also fault free second round in the Optimum Prize – Prize of the Warsteiner Brewery which offered 80,000 Euros in prize money as the third stage of the show jumping series. Nobody could catch the time of 44.18 seconds – also not Eva Bitter (GER). The 36 year old was the only German rider under the top five and proved herself with a clear round in 45.86 seconds for the third place with the 11 year old Satisfaction, sired by Stakkato. A great result for the three-time German National Ladies Champion.   Denis Lynch was also very content. The Irish rider who had already collected points in Hamburg with an 8th place finish and the win in the second stage in Wiesbaden followed up in Balve with the second place. Lynch is now the leader of the pack in the DKB-Riders Tour rankings with 45 points and he has an 18 point lead over Heiko Schmidt (GER) at the “half-time” of the 6 station series. It was the first time that Lynch has shown his absolutely top horse Lantinus this outdoor season. The Hanoverian completed his first international outing and it is planned for him to compete on some Nations Cup teams for Ireland. The Australian rider Chris Chugg is a new addition to the Top 5 of the DKB-Riders Tour rankings. Every time Chugg jumps clear with his stallion Vivant they celebrate with a dressage test worthy canter pirouette before leaving the ring.   The winner Albert Zoer was extremely happy. “I’ve always believed in this horse, even though we’ve had some difficult times,” beamed the stage winner from The Netherlands. Uraguay is a 9 year old Dutch warmblood who is expected to follow in the “hoof prints” of Zoer’s top horses. Oki Doki was sold to the Argentinean rider Jose Larocca and Sam has a break from showing at the moment. “Now the young ones need to get started”, said Zoer.   The winner and placed riders were celebrated in the sold out stadium in Balve. It is the first time since 2003 that the DKB-Riders Tour has been a guest at the event by Wocklum Castle. Fans are going to need to be patient and wait till September 9th. The next stage of the DKB-Riders Tour will take place at the E.ON Westfalen Weser Challenge in Paderborn from September 9th – 12th.     Results Optimum Prize – Prize of the Warsteiner Brewery, DKB-Riders Tour: 1. Albert Zoer (NED) with Uraguay 0 Faults / 44.18 Seconds, 2. Denis Lynch (IRL) with Lantinus 0/ 44.24, 3. Eva Bitter (GER) with Satisfaction 0/ 45.86, 4. Chris Chugg (AUS) with Vivant 0/ 46.12, 5. Taizo Sugitani (JAP) with Avenzio 0/ 47.31, 6. Andreas Ott (SUI) with Loxy de la Reselle 0/ 48.48.   DKB-Riders Tour Rankings after three of six stations: 1. Denis Lynch (IRL) 45 Points 2. Heiko Schmidt (GER) 27 3. Carsten-Otto Nagel (GER) 25 4. Chris Chugg (AUS) 24 5. Albert Zoer (NED) 20 6. Marcus Ehning (GER) 17 7. Bernardo Alves (BRA) 15 7. Eva Bitter (GER) 15 7. Fukushima Daisuke (JAP) 15 10. Hergen Forkert (GER) 13 10.Cindy van der Straten (BEL) 13 DKB-Riders Tour in Internet – Press Release from June 7th, 2010