Riders Tour

The Riders Tour always focuses first and foremost on sport. Valuable ranking points are at stake at a total of seven stages in Europe and abroad before the future ‘Rider of the Year’ is determined at the time-honoured VR CLASSICS in Neumünster. The aim is to find talented riders who will grow into the sport of show jumping and secure its future in the long term.

Young Riders Tour

Promoting young talent has always been at the heart of the Riders Tour, but is now taking on concrete features with the Young Riders Tour. The Young Riders Tour jumping series supports the best and most successful talents in the Young Riders age group (18-21 years) as they make the leap into the senior camp. In total, valuable points can be collected at eight stages throughout Europe for the overall ranking and the season’s goal of ‘Young Rider of the Year’. The mode of the Young Riders Tour is thus based on that of the classic Riders Tour. The three best candidates, according to their results in this season, will receive starting places at international tournaments in the following season. More…

BEMER Riders Tour

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BEMER Young Riders Tour

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22 years of BEMER Riders Tour


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