Die BEMER Young Riders Tour

BEMER Young Riders Tour – since 2022

Chiara Coppo © Equifo
Chiara Coppo © Equifo

Young Talents – New Opportunities

Title partner BEMER Int. AG and the makers of the Riders Tour GmbH, Paul Schockemöhle and Ullrich Kasselmann, want to award young riders new opportunities to test themselves in the “senior sport” and prove their potential. Promoting young talent has always been part of the Riders Tour concept, but is now taking on real shape with the BEMER Young Riders Tour.

The aim of the BEMER Young Rider series is to give good European riders in the U21 age group extended opportunities to compete on the established BEMER Riders Tour platform in the future. The best candidates of the current season will receive starting places at renowned international jumping events – broken down according to their results in this season.

BEMER Young Riders Tour 2023

The Stations

Gorla Minore, ITA (06th – 09th April)
Compiègne, FRA (27th – 30th April)
Lamprechtshausen, AUT (3rd – 7th May)
Samorin, SVK (11th – 14th May)
Zuidwolde, NED (30th May – 4th June)
Future Champions in Hagen a.T.W. (13th – 18th June)
Dielsdorf-Zurich, CH (23rd – 27th August)

FINAL Opglabeek, BEL (13th – 17th September)

The Mode of the BEMER Young Riders Tour 2023

Rules & Points System

“Consistency” is the key word for success in the BEMER Young Riders Tour. As nice as a big victory is – being really good once is not enough in the international series. In order for consistency to unfold, it takes not only exceptional riders and horses, but also a tried and tested set of rules

Eligibility & Qualification: Eligible are riders of the age group U21 = 18 – 21 years. There will be a points system, similar to that of the BEMER Riders Tour: Participants will first start in an entry or qualification test for the Grand Prix. The qualifying competition will then be the Young Rider Grand Prix

BEMER Young Riders Tour Ranking & Points System:

The ranking will be permanently updated during the current series to determine the ‘Young Rider of the Year’ at the end of the series final. If more than one rider places in the same position, they will receive the same number of points, e.g. two riders in 3rd place: 15 points each. The next placed rider would then be 5th and get 11 points.

1. place = 20 points / 2. place = 17 points / 3. place = 15 points / 4. place = 13 points / 5. place = 11 points / 6. place = 10 points /  7. place = 9 points / 8. place = 8 points / 9. place = 7 points / 10. place = 6 points / 11. place = 5 points / 12. place = 4 points / 13. place = 3 points / 14. place = 2 points / 15. place = 1 point
Podium Lamprechtshausen © Sibil Slejko
Podium Lamprechtshausen © Sibil Slejko
Podium final 1. Matthis Westendarp - Chillert Blue, 2. Elena Datti - Nebbia Delle Schiave, 3. Aleksandra Kierznowska Bemer Final Young Riders Tour 2022 © DigiShots

Overall winner BEMER Young Riders Tour: Young Rider of the Year

The three first-placed riders of the final ranking will receive starting places at international events as a non-cash prize. The rider who has collected the most points in the BEMER Young Riders Tour is the “Young Rider of the Year”.

The Young Rider of the Year will receive a starting places at four shows in the following season. The runner-up will receive a starting place at two events in the following season. The third-placed rider can look forward to one starting place at a selected event in the following season. Up for selection are the eight renowned CSI events that hosted the BEMER Riders Tour in 2023. For the overall winner and runner-up, the start at Horses & Dreams in Hagen a.T.W. from 24 – 28 April 2024 is obligatory.

In the event of a tie in points, the most wins or second places, etc. will decide. Should there still be a tie, the better result in the rating competition of the final station will decide.